Composer with a dark epic sonority and nostalgic inside-world mostly inspired by the analog synth sounds from the 80’s, Gary Agletiner produces his own enigmatic and aesthetic musical universe. His fascination for high references from the genre cinema such as John Carpenter and Stanley Kubrick and the Electronic music pioneer sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre and Giorgio Moroder.


MY FAUST is also inspired by retrofuturistic aesthetic like the old Sci-Fi comics and baroque drawings of Philippe Druillet , thus revealing our darker side and signing a Faustian bargain...


MY FAUST’s dreamlike melody drives us to this romantic and phantasmagoric place from the past where you feel like you belong. His musical design is a meticulous mix between the filmscape of the 70s/80s  and a melancholy surreal type of feeling from the New Wave and the energy of the Disco.




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